LTD accounts

Filing deadlines are dates set by HMRC/Companies House that you must submit certain documents by. If you are a client, you can log in to our client portal here where you will see each of these, otherwise they usually are:
  • Company Accounts - 9 months from the end of the Company's year end
  • Corporation Tax Payment - 9 months + 1 day from the end of the Company's year end
  • CT600 Tax Return - 12 months from the end of the Company's year end
Its worth noting that if its your first year, these will be 18 months from your incorporation date, not your year end.
We have a range of clients from Dormant Company's with no income who are looking to protect their name, to start ups and side hustles making small revenues less than £10,000. We also have 'small' clients - usually one man bands - under the VAT registration threshold turning over less than £85,000. Our medium sized business's can range anywhere from £100,000 to £5m. In summary, we like to build personal relationships with our clients, and find this hard with large entities with sales over £10,000,00. Our key focus is therefore SME's that we can help grow and work close alongside.
We have a range of solutions, bespoke and tailored to our clients needs, where records can go from:
  • A 'full' package of gathering banks statements, invoices and receipts at year end and collating the book-keeping from scratch
  • In house monthly/quarterly bookkeeping prepared by us into the year end compliance stage
  • Taking clients pre-prepared data from accounting software like Xero or Quickbooks to prepare the accounts.
Accounts that we prepare always go through a meticulous tax planning stage included in the fee to ensure all available expenses are claimed, and all avenues of tax relief have been investigated. All accounts prepared by us include a meeting to discuss the numbers - included free.
Yes! We fully recommend this because then we have full visibility over your affairs to ensure nothing is missed in terms of tax planning opportunities, and all paperwork is filed on time with no penalties. Our full list of Limited Company Services include:
  • Year End Accounts
  • Corporation Tax Return
  • Company Secretarial
  • Registered Office Address
  • Payroll
  • Directors Tax Return
  • Tax Planning
  • Bookkeeping
  • Support